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At Mandy & Randy, we believe that the job of a great wedding photographer is to practices the art of observation.  Our job on the day of the your wedding, for all intents and purposes, is to be the eyes and ears of the day. We are there to not only document the big moments, but to photograph the fleeting moments as well.

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Posed photos are wonderful and necessary, but it is the unposed, raw images from a couples wedding that accurately capture how they feel. A good example of this is the above photo. The bride (Devyn) had just finished her portrait session. She was relaxed, happy and taking a moment to herself. We were in the limo with her as she rolled down the window and the sunlight and warm summer breeze kissed her face. We snapped the shot.

There are a lot of beautiful photos from Devyn’s wedding day, but this particular image is one of our favourites.

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The wedding industry is built on the glamorization of large floral arrangements, designer dresses and of course, diamond rings. However, what really matters on a wedding day is the people and the moments they experience. A wedding day is about raw emotions.

That raw emotion is what the above photo encapsulates. The bride (Allie) was getting ready to leave her hotel suite after we had photographed all of her bridal preparation shots. Just as we were getting ready to leave, her bridesmaid handed her a notebook with a message from the groom.

This was not a staged photo. This image was a fleeting moment captured for eternity because we were ready with our camera for it to happen. The smile coming across the Allie’s face as her eyes swell with tears is as real a moment you will ever get on a wedding day. We do not know what the message read, but we know it was heartfelt and impactful. It’s a moment, that if missed, would have been lost to time forever.

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When you are looking for a Montreal wedding photographer and you cannot decide on which one is right for you, we hope this article gives you a better insight into the kind of service we offer.

Mandy & Randy Weddings will photograph not only the big moments throughout your wedding day, but all the small ones as well that you had no idea you missed.

10 years from now, when you are looking through your wedding album, we want you to relive every detail.


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