A happy client makes for a happy wedding and for us, a wedding is not successful unless the client is happy with not only our photography, but with the experience we offer. After all, it is not our clients who are dependent on us, but we on them. It is because of the trust they place in us that we get to make a living doing what we love. For this reason we place high value not only on the tangible products we produce (our photographs and albums), but on our professional relationships as well. Just as important as the images we deliver is our clients overall experience of working with us.


We firmly believe in accountability, which is why each individual on our team takes full ownership for not only their actions, but those of the team as well. We both succeed and fail as a team.


Like in any creative field, you can easily fall into a creative rut. After you have photographed as many weddings as we have, knowing how to capture that great photo comes naturally and so you go on auto pilot. At Mandy & Randy, that sort of thinking is not accepted. 

We strive to think differently and embrace diversity in every facet of our business. We refuse to rest on our laurels, which is why we are continually learning and trying new things, both behind the camera and in the editing process. We take classes, study our peers and seek out as many learning opportunities as possible. We also teach photography online as a way to sharpen our skillset.

BE leaders in the wedding industry

We are blessed to have had so much success in the wedding business not just here in Montreal, but throughout the provinces of Quebec and Ontario as well. We even offer to do destination weddings and most recently travelled to Montego Bay, Jamaica.

The market is saturated with so many photographers, so being able to stand out and be recognized for our work has been incredibly humbling. When our peers tell us that our wedding studio has set the standard everyone aspires too, there is no greater compliment. When clients tell us that our photography is only surpassed by our exceptional customer service, we take great pride in that.

We did not get here by accident. In addition to consistently delivering high-quality experiences and products to our clients, we continue to innovate in everything we do. Mandy & Randy is continually looking towards the future so that our brand is better tomorrow than it was yesterday.