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The power of the album


Let us start off by saying, we think digital is great! Having access to your images wherever you go is wonderful. However, memories can get lost in today’s digital world. Photos are spread out over various social media platforms, hard drives, USB keys and cloud based services. The truth be told, after the excitement surrounding a wedding has died down, friends and family, and even the bride and groom tend to lose track of their weddings photos. As a society we simply do not treat our digital goods with the same care and reverence as we do something tangible.

With physical photographs, every visitor in your home will see the beautiful prints on your walls and in your custom designed wedding album. These photographs serve as conversation starters that bring families together and teach future generations about the legacy of who they are and where they came from. There is something so powerful about holding a wedding album in your hands. The fact of the matter is, long after your Facebook account has shut down, printed photographs become family heirlooms to be passed down from one generation to the next.

It is for this reason that we here at Mandy & Randy offer our clients premium albums that are built to last. Let us help you take your memories from your hard drive to your walls.

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